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Commercial Projects



Alder Landscape Architecture is equally at home with commercial or residential projects. No project is too large or too small.

Multi-family housing:

Dense housing requires a special kind of planting allowing privacy yet an opportunity to experience nature. Let Alder Landscape Architecture provide you both!


With a unique background in native plants and an especially insightful eye towards the environment, Alder Landscape Architecture can provide both attractive plans and the perspective of an environmental consultant to a restoration project.


On a hot day the enjoyment and sound of water is a welcome relief. A fountain can also provide the white noise to make an otherwise objectionable noisy place into a wonderland of calm and beauty. Alder Landscape Architecture has years of experience designing water features.


If you have trouble visualizing designs or for merchandizing purposes a picture of the design would be helpful, we can provide a perspective of your project. Our perspective can afford an artistic insight into the final product of the designer. If desired, we can provide a model.

Overseas Experience:

We have worked overseas on complicated and challenging projects. This breadth of experience can be useful both here and overseas. We invite you to take advantage of this experience not available in every landscape architectural office. Call Alder Landscape Architecture today!
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