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The difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect is substantial.  Anyone can be a landscape designer but to be a Landscape Architect you must graduate from an accredited university, be an intern for a minimum of 2 years under the training of a Landscape Architect, and pass a test that lasts 3 days/ 8 hours a day before you may call yourself a Landscape Architect.  Landscape designers may have taken courses in design, but it surely is not the extensive training provided in a 4 year landscape architecture program.

How disappointing it can be to have an inexperienced landscape designer make a mistake in your landscape design.  Typically, the most common mistakes committed by a landscape consultant are the suggestion of plants that block a view or grow too large or tall for the space selected. On other occasions, I have been asked to inspect a fountain that was incorrectly installed, or a paver patio uneven because the proper preparation of the sub-base was not defined by the landscape consultant. 

I have also seen numerous plans incorrectly drawn by landscape designers, which prevented landscape features from being installed for lack of space because the site was incorrectly measured!   Have you considered including bamboo in your garden because a landscape designer told you that clumping bamboo is not invasive?  Again, that is not true!

Please, the difference in cost may be less than you think between a landscape designer and a Landscape Architect.  Don’t take chances with your landscape design, call Alder Landscape Architecture today!

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